• Shafika Fathima

How to stay more positive and awesome this quarantine?

Empty streets, shut doors and silent cities – have been the state of two-thirds of the world for more than two months now! People are frustrated of being forced to stay at home. Is quarantine driving you crazy? Does even work sound better now? It is important to be positive at these times. To your rescue, below are some tips to stay more positive and awesome this quarantine.

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1.Chase off negativity!

The first pro step to begin positivity is to fight its rival Negativity. Different people have different ways of chasing negativity. Some people may feel good if they begin planning while for others a long nap can do the trick. Small things can brighten your mood, like making your bed or getting dressed can have great effects. Find your factor and work on it. Even if you feel a little bit better count it as a progress. Soon your going to feel great and full of energy. Mount your reigns and get ready to race towards an awesome new quarantine journey!

2.Physical Fitness:

As the popular saying goes, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. Good health is important to be optimistic. Eating healthy and exercising regularly keeps one physically fit. Now would be a great time to focus on your body’s wellness. There are numerous apps and websites that provide health tips and many live trainings are available today. Fix a health schedule and stick to it. Workout every day. Begin small and improve on it, it’s okay even if its 10 mins a day, what matters is you don’t break the chain. Check out new health recipes and try them, cooking can help enlighten the mind faster. Yoga and meditation will also soothe your mind and soul.

Suggestions: Curefit , zumba , etc.,

3.Enjoy work from home:

Are you one of the working from home dudes? It must be frustrating to work while others are lazing around all day. But believe me, your life is better off than theirs. Having nothing to do for days will dullen the mood and lead to negativity. So, enjoy working. Make sure to create a working space in your home. Dressing up formally for online meetings earns respect from colleagues and also increases self-confidence. Also work from home keeps you occupied and makes you enjoy the leisure time better.

“An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

4.Utilize the excess time to organize your plans:

All of us, especially people of the working community spent the last few years in a run. You too must have just rushed with life. You wouldn’t have had time to think or plan anything in a long-term motive. If you are one of them, then what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity! Take a pen and paper and head to a private space to work out your life plans. Even though life doesn’t always happen the way we want it, organization is very important.

5. Take your passion to the next level:

Everyone has a passion. All these years you were busy with the demands of life and must have had absolutely no time for your passion or hobby (if it is not what you do for a living). Now is the chance for you to stop and take a break. Make time for your passion apart from work. If you had already been working on it, it’s time to take it to the next level, i.e. if you have to learn something for it then finish the learning or if it is ready to be showcased to the world then go ahead with it. You can also start earning using your passion. Currently, there has been a huge increase in workshops, webinars and courses online. Check out your field of interest and promote your skills or marketing.

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6. Learn new things:

Are you tired of hearing this from everybody? You must be. But let me tell you just one thing, this is absolutely the right thing! Let’s take an example, imagine that you are currently working in an MNC. During this lockdown, out of some wild interest, you learn German. You become very interested with the course, as a result, you have mastered the language within these two months. You can now speak fluently in German. This becomes your qualification and will be added in your existing and new resumes. Also, you get to know that your firm has a branch in Germany.

Believe it or not, you are sure to be short listed for that branch in case of vacancy! See how a little interest transforms into a great advantage. So, pick up your lazy bones and commit yourself to learning new things! Go on, you know you need it and honestly speaking you want to!

7.Avoid binge-watching news:

Whether it is COVID-19 or the George Floyd protests that interests you, do not binge watch the news or google all day. Yes, you need to know and be a part of the world but binge watching will not help. Instead take actions, by that I mean, do whatever you are capable of doing, for the betterment of the society. Help a stranded man satisfy his hunger or be an example of anti-racism in your own way. The latter will make you feel way better, the former only increases your anxiety.

8.Enjoy Alone Time:

Are you a bachelor stuck in the city, far away from home? I bet, the quarantine is really hard for you. I hear your agreement, but why don’t you make use of this opportunity, enjoying your own company, or learning to enjoy alone time? It will surely brighten the way you look at things and also will help you throughout life, because you won’t have company all the time. There will be occasions where you have to stay alone.

Even then, it’s not practical to ask you to enjoy alone time for two to three months in a row. So do the next best thing! Adopt a dog! (or any pet of your choice) Dogs and pets in general tend to improve your mood and keep you happy.

9.Embrace life with open arms:

The greatest gift you have ever received is your Life! Remind yourself constantly of all the blessings and good things you have. Spend at least one full minute on a daily basis cherishing yourself and the life you have got. When you begin to appreciate the little things all your problems will fly away and you become more optimistic and awesome!

Image source: pexels.com

Final words:

These are some of the key tips to stay out of boredom and negativity in the current situation. I hope these tips help you to be more positive and happier. Make sure to implement them and soon others will look up to you. Begin today and transform “Quarantine sucks” to “Happy Quarantine”. Go on! Get started!