• Shafika Fathima

Appreciate the tides of life with these poetic lines on the Ocean!

How do you enjoy a night out at an ocean beach? Sounds exciting right? The cool salty breeze against your face, the rippling tides, and an occasional stillness of the water. All your worries of life would seem far away, wouldn't it? Recreate that vibe with the

help of these poetic lines!


Time walks at a lumbering pace

Blue it is at every gaze

Deep is its end

Reached by no human kind

Waves and tides whispering along

Planktons and Whales splashing around

Pearls and reefs adorning the ground

An abode where they all belong

Calm and rough every so often

An erring beauty and a storming monster – yet

Holds a hundred verses for every man

The ocean is an amazing master.

Final words:

Hope you liked the poem. The ocean does teach us a lot of lessons.Let's make sure to learn them all. Happy sailing to you! I will be back soon with more interesting content. Until then, Adieu!


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